The new SHORTIME website is an initiative of the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund and Green Productions company.

The site is an evolution of “First Course project”, in which short films were screened in cinemas and cinematheques before feature (long) films.

Link to “First Course” site: http://www.firstcourse.net/

In recent years, the Israeli film industry has been producing more and more interesting and successful short films. In light of the global Corona crisis, there was a need to expand the exposure of short films and create new platforms so that short Israeli films can be viewed in a convenient and accessible manner, and expose them to as wide and diverse audience as possible.

SHORTIME – is the first Israeli VOD of high-quality short films, that offers free streaming to the public.

The purpose of the platform is to make short films accessible to a wider audience and to allow them to be viewed anytime and anywhere.

In the VOD collection, we have a selection of over a hundred Israeli short films of all types (animated, feature, documentary, experimental) and from all genres (drama, comedy, crime, children, action, romantic and more).

The list of artists is diverse – young filmmakers who are just finished their first work, along with well-known and beloved Israeli filmmakers such as: Guy Nativ, Shira Geffen, Etgar Keret, Ellite Zexer, Gur Bentwitch, Veronica Kedar, Tom Shoval, Eliran Elia , Venia Heymann, Adam Sanderson, Erez Tadmor, Mihal Brezis and Oded binnun, Noa Gosakov, Yair Agmon, Sigalit Lifshitz, and more…